What’s in a name?

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Leeds GATE stands for Leeds Gypsy & Traveller Exchange. All elements of our name have been reviewed as part of the 2019 rebranding exercise and the decision has been made to keep our name in its current form because each element has a meaning and speaks to the identity of our organisation and it is strongly recognisable to our members and stakeholders.

LEEDS – Having Leeds in our name acts as a signpost to where the organisation is based. Any Gypsy & Traveller can become a member of Leeds GATE and benefit from our services. We live at Crown Point House, Cross Green Ln, Leeds LS9 0BD and we deliver work across West Yorkshire.

GYPSY & TRAVELLER- It was felt our name needs to reflect who we work for. The name explicitly names Gypsyies & Travellers to be clear about who owns our organisation and who the intended beneficiaries are of our work.

EXCHANGE- The word ‘exchange’ in our name represents the receiving and giving of gifts, talents and resources through the existence of our organisation. Relationships are two way and Members are encouraged to contribute to the work of Leeds GATE, therefore Leeds GATE exists to be more than a service provider.