Good news! GATE’s advocacy service is great – it’s official!

We are very proud and pleased to present the results of our advocacy service review. This was a completely independent study carried out by Andy Bagley of Real Improvement, an expert consultant with many years of experience assessing and advising charities and companies. We were therefore delighted to receive such a positive final report, which you can read here Advocacy report_Feb15

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Posted in General News on March 3rd, 2015

Preaching to the converted – The mixed blessing of contented conferences

I just hopped on the train back to London with a spring in my step.  This was due to the unambiguously positive experience of the Parliamentary Briefing conference I had just come from, discussing Gypsy and Traveller accommodation provision.  Not only did I feel that my own presentation, on how to do effective Accommodation Needs Assessments, was taken on board by those attending but that all the other five (excellent) speakers were listened to with great interest.

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Posted in General News on March 3rd, 2015

Lee Gap Fair on Film

As part of our Lee Gap Heritage project we made this great little film.  The film shows images of the 2014 Latter Lee Fair where GATE had a huge marquee with lots of Heritage memorabilia.   It also has recorded voices of people’s memories and thoughts about the fair, where members of GATE speak about why it is important to them.  Hope you enjoy it.

Posted in GATE news on March 3rd, 2015

Getting all creative at Cottingley Springs

Grafitti cabin_jpg


We had a great time last Wednesday in the Portakabin on Cottingley Springs; Some of the young residents created their own artwork brightening up the blank boring wall that were there before. There will be no falling asleep at meeting now for the residents!!Grafitti cabin 3_jpg

Nick from Olas Arts helped dream up the designs which included Micky Mouse on a motorbike, a Minion doing a cartwheel and Mike from Monsters Inc spray painting…

Grafitti cabin 2We painted the walls a light blue colour first and with a desert back ground Nick showed the young people how to spray safely.  We all wore gas masks and protective clothing and Grafitti cabin 4_jpgeveryone had a really good go and got stuck in.  We hope you enjoy these photos of the process.


Posted in General News on February 16th, 2015
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