Our Brand

To download our Brand Guidelines in full click here

Teal on white linedrawing.png


Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.40.08.png

The letter ‘E’ in the logo can be used to judge the minimum space required between the logo and any other element in designs.

Minimum Sizing

To preserve legibility a minimum size is needed for logos.

• The mini logo should never be smaller than 16px wide or 0.5cm

• The main logo should never be smaller than 96px wide or 2.5cm

• The main logo with subtitle should never be smaller than 128px wide or 3cm

To download a selection of our logos, click here


The only appropriate colours (besides black and white) which can be applied to the logo are the following colours:

Brand Colours 2.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.36.13.png


The primary font family to be used with all Leeds GATE materials is called Raleway. It is available on Canva and Word or it can be downloaded for free from https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Raleway

Raleway is a beautiful geometric sans-serif font with wide number of font-weights. This means it can be used for both body and title text.

The 3 weights to be used in Leeds Gate documents are Light for body text, SemiBold for titles and UltraBold (ExtraBold) for text laid over an image.

Furthermore, titles are best stylised in uppercase with slightly expanded spacing.

Using Our Name

In all formal written copy (reports, official letters, press releases etc) and where space permits, stakeholders are encouraged to type our organisational name in full as follows:

Leeds Gypsy & Traveller Exchange

The full name will also be typed out in full in strategic places such as on the website and on social media banners to ensure peop;e know what the abbreviated version of the name means.

Where space does not permit in copy, or on more casual correspondence such as social media, emails etc; the full version above should be used once at the beginning of the document and then the abbreviated version below can be used thereafter:

LEEDS GATE or Leeds GATE (with this as the correct and consistent capitalisation)

Other versions such as ‘leeds gate’, ‘leedsgate’, ‘LeedsGtE’ ‘GATE’, ‘GATES’ or any other version of our name should never be used.