About Leeds GATE

Leeds Gypsy & Traveller Exchange, known more commonly as Leeds GATE, is a vibrant and brave grassroots organisation led by Gypsy and Traveller people in partnership with others in and across West Yorkshire. Throughout the last 15 years of operation, Leeds GATE has a demonstrated an award-winning track record of community activism, social action and member led innovation.


Established in 2003 Leeds GATE was founded by a group of likeminded people who came together with one aim: to improve quality of life for Gypsy and Traveller people.



Leeds GATE’s building in Cross Green, Leeds, is a thriving community hub and resource centre which serves over 400 families and individuals from local areas and those passing through. Whether you’re a member visiting for an advocacy appointment or a supporter visiting on business you will always be greeted with a warm welcome and a cup of tea. 

The Leeds GATE staff team work tirelessly to address the issues which affect the homes, health, education, employment and circumstances of Gypsy & Traveller people and they have a strong reputation for getting things done on behalf of their members. Leeds GATE works as a family, where each member cherished and invited to the table. To find out more about how you might get involved please get in touch or pull up a chair, the kettle is always on.